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Concrete is widely used throughout commercial construction projects due to its strength and versatility. When reinforced, it is strong enough to serve as the foundation for the largest of buildings, and it is fluid enough to be able to be molded into a variety of shapes before it sets.

That same fluidity, however, requires that it be supported or molded while it dries, which limits its application in hard-to-reach spaces. It also involves a lengthy installation process that can be labor-intensive and costly.

Shotcrete offers a quick, affordable alternative to conventional cast-in-place concrete. TerraFirma has been working with facilities managers, general contractors and property owners for more than 15 years to offer shotcrete solutions for all type of commercial construction projects.

Shotcrete is a specially engineered mixture of cement and clean, ultra-fine sand, trap rock, or shale. It is projected through a hose at high velocity onto a surface, which is reinforced with conventional steel rods, steel mesh, or fiber, for stability and endurance. The force with which shotcrete is sprayed compacts the concrete, making shotcrete twice as strong as regular concrete.

Shotcrete can be used in a variety of applications, from construction or repair of free-form walls and single-sided retaining walls to tunnel linings. Our proprietary Basemint shotcrete solution also offers an easy, cost-effective way to expand your commercial structure by building down. In just two to four weeks, our highly trained team can temporarily shore the building, excavate the basement to carve out more usable space, pour new footings and spray new shotcrete foundation walls to a specifically engineered thickness.

We work with you to identify the best design for your application, ensuring a long-lasting shotcrete solution. The resulting surface is structurally sound, seismically stable, waterproof, and insulated from noise and temperature. It’s also easy to add color and texture to shotcrete surfaces or turn your new or newly repaired basement into added space for your warehouse, retail center, commercial building, or municipal building.

TerraFirma is your local expert in shotcrete installation. With licensed, bonded experts, we make the shotcrete process simple for large-scale commercial development and repair. Our teams deliver projects on time and within budget, keeping in line with your overall building needs.

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TerraFirma Jobsite Safety

TerraFirma cares about the safety of all of the workers on your commercial jobsite. All of our employees undergo regular safety training, and every product we install is assessed by certified engineers. Workers are required to use safety equipment, including scaffolding, fall protection, and personal protection gear, and follow safety procedures according to OSHA requirements. You can trust us to be your partner in ensuring a safe, productive jobsite.

TerraFirma Quality standards

TerraFirma is committed to the highest levels of quality. All of our services are licensed, bonded, and insured. We install products that meet high standards from ISO and ASTM International, and we use ICC-ES guidelines for installation where applicable. TerraFirma provides peace of mind for your most fundamental building investment – its foundation.

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TerraFirma’s Shotcrete Process

Scheduling a consultation with your local TerraFirma Commercial System Design Specialist is the first step in repairing or building strong, cost-effective concrete walls and other surfaces. Our shotcrete solutions are fast and durable, ensuring a permanent fix for your concrete needs.

Projects are completed by our own in-house concrete and foundation team, freeing you from the need to worry about additional subcontractors that can complicate your desired budget and timeline. Our large team has the resources, technical expertise, and jobsite management experience to install shotcrete safely and effectively. Your foreman will lead the crew through the process and serve as a resource to answer any questions you may have.

Our large team has the resources, technical expertise, and jobsite management experience to install shotcrete safely and effectively.

Your foreman will lead the crew through the process and serve as a resource to answer any questions you may have.

TerraFirma shotcrete solutions are tailored to the unique needs of your project. A typical repair process for the walls of a commercial building foundation is as follows:

  1. Vertical steel beams, which typically run from floor to ceiling, are installed to stabilize existing walls. The beams provide additional support during the construction process and keep your foundation from shifting in the long term.
  2. A coating of shotcrete is sprayed on the stabilized walls.
  3. An additional plate is attached to the anchor system and is embedded into the enhanced shotcrete wall.
  4. A final layer of shotcrete is applied, setting the anchor system firmly into the new wall.
  5. The new wall is smoothed and finished.
  6. The work area is cleaned, leaving you with a jobsite that allows the rest of your project to proceed uninterrupted.

TerraFirma’s award-winning service and products are backed by extensive warranties and we are committed to delivering a truly extraordinary experience.

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