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Pre-Construction Piering from TerraFirma Foundation Systems

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Ensuring the strength and safety of your commercial foundation begins well before the first concrete is poured. In many areas throughout the Pacific Northwest, buildings are vulnerable to damage caused by earthquakes, sinkholes, or unstable soil conditions that include water erosion, clay, and sand. Pre-construction piering can help protect your foundation from these potential issues.

At TerraFirma, we have partnered with thousands of facilities managers, general contractors, and property owners since 2005 to deliver on-time, on-budget commercial construction projects. Our pre-construction piering solutions have helped professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest prevent damage to their buildings’ foundations before it occurs.

With our pre-construction piering solutions, structural piers are advanced deep into the ground to keep the structure from moving. A concrete foundation is then poured over the piering supports, securing the new building to a solid, long-lasting foundation able to resist sinking, shifting, and settling. These piers range from several dozen to hundreds of feet in length, depending on the jobsite, and offer peace of mind that you are protecting your investment and the structural integrity of your building.

Our licensed, bonded, and highly trained professionals can help you identify the best type of piering for your project, whether it be an office, retail center, municipal building, warehouse, or commercial building.

We know that the success of your commercial building project hinges on having a solid foundation, and pre-construction piering is just one aspect of your project. TerraFirma offers a holistic foundation process that encompasses pre-construction piering, retrofit piering, shotcrete, and commercial PolyLevel® solutions.

Pre-Construction Piering Solutions

TerraFirma’s pre-construction piering solutions help ensure strong commercial buildings in all soil conditions. No matter the environment you face on the jobsite, our expert team can safely support your foundation by identifying best-fit piering that will last the lifetime of your building.

Helical Piles and Piers

Helical piles and piers are a screw-in piling and ground anchoring system used when deep foundations are required. The steel shafts with helix-shaped blades are ideal for new construction or retrofitting projects. Helical piles are designed to limit stress on the surrounding soil, reducing environmental impact. They do not require cure time or excavation, can be swiftly installed and immediately bear weight. TerraFirma’s helical pile solutions are custom designed for every project.

Helical Anchors and Tiebacks

Ideal for structures that need lateral support, such as retaining walls, helical anchors can be installed in nearly any application. Also referred to as tiebacks, helical anchors are often used to retain or restrain earth that can compromise buildings of all shapes and sizes. TerraFirma’s helical anchors offer rapid setup, predictable capacity, and all-weather, grout-free installation. Helical anchors are load-ready immediately and can be hot-dip galvanized for long-term protection against corrosion.

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TerraFirma Jobsite Safety

TerraFirma cares about the safety of all of the workers on your commercial jobsite. All of our employees undergo regular safety training, and every product we install is assessed by certified engineers. Workers are required to use safety equipment, including scaffolding, fall protection, and personal protection gear, and follow safety procedures according to OSHA requirements. You can trust us to be your partner in ensuring a safe, productive jobsite.

TerraFirma Quality Standards

TerraFirma is committed to the highest levels of quality. All of our services are licensed, bonded, and insured. We install products that meet high standards from ISO and ASTM International, and we use ICC-ES guidelines for installation where applicable. TerraFirma provides peace of mind for your most fundamental building investment – its foundation.

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