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Home is where the heart is, and a welcoming entryway beckons friends and family inside. But when the entrance to your home begins to crack and settle – whether it be a concrete driveway, patio, or steps – it shakes the very foundation on which your memories are built. These cracked, uneven surfaces not only detract from your home’s curb appeal and value, they can also pose dangerous tripping hazards.

TerraFirma can help you find a long-lasting solution, enabling you to get back to the barbecues, holidays, and day–to–day activities that make up your life. Since 2005, TerraFirma has helped thousands of homeowners in the Pacific Northwest with solutions and products that protect their investment, increase quality of life, and provide peace of mind that their homes are safe and secure.

We are the only provider in the region authorized to offer PolyLevel®, which provides a fast, targeted solution to your concrete leveling needs. It offers a long-lasting, waterproof fixable to lift and stabilize sinking concrete and can be installed through small, penny–sized holes in your concrete in just a few hours.

Signs your concrete
needs leveling

Uneven concrete can be an eyesore and pose a liability if someone trips and is injured on your property. Look for cracked, uneven, sloping sidewalks, and driveway surfaces. A sinking surface can indicate that soil is settling or that surfaces under your driveway and other concrete pours are eroding.

Root Causes of Unlevel
or Uneven Concrete

Concrete is often poured over backfilled soil around a home after construction, and the loose soil settles over time, creating a space under the concrete. Water running through the cracks and joints in the concrete can also wash out soil as it passes through. These voids cause your concrete to shift and settle, creating cracked, uneven surfaces, and tripping hazards.

Water Erosion

During heavy rains, water flows around and under concrete surfaces, taking soil with it. This erosion creates unsupported spaces under sidewalks and driveways, which crack and cave in over time. If you notice this type of damage around your house, you could be witnessing erosion.

Sunken Compact

Your concrete pavement may have been built on backfill or another unstable base. The weak supporting material can erode or be washed out over time, causing cracks, humps, and broken concrete that only leveling can fix.

Tree Roots

You have probably stumbled over enough crooked sidewalks to know that tree roots are strong enough to crack and buckle the concrete paths and driveways beneath which they grow. As trees mature, their root systems naturally spread out, and this can create tripping hazards and pose a liability for homeowners when root systems damage concrete on your property.

Terrafirma's Concrete Leveling Process

Scheduling a free inspection with your local TerraFirma System Design Specialist is the first step toward a long-lasting fix for your home’s for leveling problems. Your System Design Specialist will conduct an onsite evaluation of your foundation, walking you through every step of the inspection. The specialist will use animations, videos, and images to illustrate the specific solutions we recommend for your home.

Once you are ready to begin repairs, we will collect an upfront deposit, and a Customer Experience Advocate will help you select a start date for your project. Don’t worry about the necessary permits or neighborhood logistics – TerraFirma takes care of it all.

On the big day, you can expect a fully stocked truck with an expert production crew that has been briefed on your specific job. A foreman will lead the crew through the process and serve as a resource to answer any questions.

TerraFirma Foundations Systems is the region’s exclusive provider of PolyLevel®. The solution lifts and stabilizes sunken concrete slabs with a high–density polyurethane formula. Small, penny–sized holes are drilled into the slab, and a structural grade polymer is injected into the void. The polyurethane then expands, lifting and leveling the slab.

Our fast, simple four-step process can be installed in a matter of hours and is ready to support weight after just 15 minutes, enabling you to get on with your life quickly:

  1. Drill dime-sized holes strategically in slab.
  2. Install injection ports.
  3. Inject PolyLevel® beneath slab to fill voids.
  4. Grout and seal holes.

PolyLevel® is lightweight, which means it doesn't add weight to existing soil. Waterproof and environmentally friendly, it won’t wash out or degrade over time. PolyLevel® offers quick cure times, high compressive strength, and minimal disruption during installation.

When the repair work is complete, your foreman will do a thorough final inspection with you. We always ask our clients to leave us a review on Google, Yelp, the BBB, Angie’s List, or Facebook and refer TerraFirma to friends and family who are experiencing problems with their foundations, basements, crawl spaces, and other concrete surfaces.

TerraFirma’s award-winning service and products are backed by extensive warranties that are fully transferable. In the unlikely event that you have a follow-up repair issue, we are here to help. If your solution required a sump pump, drainage system, or anything else that needs upkeep, you may benefit from regular maintenance with the TerraFirma Service Department.

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