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A basement that floods during storms keeps you up at night. Musty smells, walls that feel damp to the touch, and ground-level leaks are all indicators that your basement may need to be waterproofed.

Don’t wait until the next heavy rain to protect your home from water damage. From carpets and walls to irreplaceable valuables, water in your basement ruins everything it touches. You can trust TerraFirma Foundation Systems to provide a unique line of patented products that offer the best waterproofing solutions available.

Since 2005, TerraFirma has helped thousands of Pacific Northwest homeowners waterproof their basements and keep their homes dry in any storm. Along with the trust that comes with our Better Business Bureau accreditation, we offer free inspections and estimates to give you peace of mind and safeguard the value of your home.

With timely, effective solutions that eliminate the source of basement water damage, TerraFirma improves quality of life for families and maintains home values across Oregon and Washington. You will sleep well knowing your home is in good hands with TerraFirma.

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Root Causes of water
in your basement

Clogged footing drains, hydrostatic pressure, soil settlement, and a cracking foundation are all common causes of water damage in a basement. TerraFirma Foundation Systems’ local experts diagnose a range of water issues and provide informed, personalized solutions for your basement.


Clogged Footing Drains

Footing drains, installed just outside your home's basement foundation, are thick pipes with holes designed for water to drip inside. Stone is laid on top of the drain pipe to prevent soil backfill from clogging the pipe, however, over time, backfill seeps through the stone and clogs the pipe. Since the only way to clean the footing drain involves excavating the ground and flushing the pipe, ensuring its proper functioning within your basement foundation is ideal.


Hydrostatic Pressure

Once clogged footing drains can no longer collect water, puddles begin to form within backfill and push against your home's foundation. The weight of the water creates pressure that pushes against your home; this is called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure forces water into the porous concrete and through cracks in the block and mortar. When unaddressed, hydrostatic pressure combined with soil settlement and seasonal changes result in cracks in your basement walls and its poured concrete foundation.


Soil Settlement

As backfilled soil surrounding your basement foundation begins to settle, hydrostatic pressure starts to form. If your home's drainage and gutters aren't properly working, water runoff will sink and run along your foundation, further increasing this pressure and the settling of soil. With TerraFirma's assistance, the addition of dirt to the sunken soil can help prevent excess hydrostatic pressure, and basement water problems developing in turn.


Basement Wall Cracks

Concrete cracks happen, and expansion, soil upheaval, and freeze-and-thaw cycles contribute largely to their forming. Once present in your basement walls or floors, cracks in concrete foundations invite water inside and need timely attention to avoid further structural problems. TerraFirma's waterproofing experts are experienced and knowledge in finding the best solution for your basement water problems, no matter how large or small.

How Can We Help?

Signs your basement
needs waterproofing

Schedule a free inspection with your local TerraFirma System Design Specialist today to find out how you can stay dry this year – and for years to come.

A wet basement is more than just a headache; it can lead to additional problems in your home, from high energy bills to health problems caused by musty mold odors and spores. Among the signs that you may have problems with your basement are:

  • Wet basement walls
  • Damp carpeting
  • Rusty appliances or floor vents
  • Leaking floor cracks
  • Cove joint seepage
  • Precipitation
  • Efflorescence, or mineral build-up, on basement walls

Wet Walls?

Water builds up outside of your foundation creating hydrostatic pressure, causing your basement walls to crack and leak.

Damp Drywalls?

Water leaks in your basement through cracks or porous cement are common causes for wet drywall.

Wet Carpeting?

A wet basement carpet is the perfect breeding ground for harmful mold and mildew.

Leaking Floor Cracks?

Settling causes floors to crack letting water into your basement, creating mold, resulting in high electric bills and uncomfortable living spaces.

Cove Joint Seepage?

Hydrostatic pressure pushes water into your basement throught wall cracks, resulting in water leaks, where your walls and floors meet.

Drainage Issues

Clogged, overflowing gutters or ineffective grading can cause water to drain next to your foundation, instead of away from it.

Windows Letting In Water?

Leaking window wells in your basement can cause various moisture problems.

Leaky Water Heater?

A leaking or burst water heater can lead to a wet basement and other issues.

Sump Pump Not Working?

A damaged or broken sump pump can cause water damage to your home.

Moldy Smell?

A musty-smelling basement can be a sign of a potentially dangerous mold problem.

Precipitation In Basement?

Condensation can create mold and mildew over time. Learn what's causing it and how to prevent it.

Efflorescence On Basement Walls?

Notice mineral build up in your basement or crawlspace? Efflorescence isn’t toxic but this is a sign of water leaking into your basement.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

If a water issue in your basement has occurred, we may recommend WaterGuard® or one of our sump pumps: SmartSump, SuperSump®, TripleSafe, or UltraSump®. TerraFirma Foundation Systems offers many solutions for your home and basement. Our professional basement waterproofing specialists will work with you, every step of the way, to design the best basement waterproofing solution for your home's leaky basement floor crack.

Terrafirma's BASEMENT

Scheduling a free inspection with your local TerraFirma System Design Specialist is the first step toward a permanent fix for your home’s foundation. Your System Design Specialist will conduct an onsite evaluation of your foundation, walking you through every step of the inspection. The specialist will use animations, videos, and images to illustrate the specific solutions we recommend for your home.

Once you are ready to begin with the repairs, we collect an upfront deposit, and a Customer Experience Advocate helps you select a start date for your project. Don’t worry about the necessary permits or neighborhood logistics – TerraFirma takes care of it all.

On the big day, you can expect a fully stocked truck with an expert production crew that has been briefed on your specific job.

Your Foreman will lead the crew through the process and serve as a resource to answer any questions you may have. When the repair work is complete, your foreman will do a thorough final inspection with you. We always ask our clients to leave us a review on Google, Yelp, the BBB, Angie’s List, or Facebook and refer TerraFirma to friends and family who are experiencing problems with their foundations, basements, or crawl spaces.

TerraFirma’s award-winning service and products are backed by extensive warranties that are fully transferable. In the unlikely event that you have a follow-up repair issue, we are here to help. If your home's waterproofing solution required a sump pump, drainage system, or anything else that needs upkeep, you may benefit from regular maintenance with the TerraFirma Service Department.

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